American College of
Private Physicians

An organization with the goals of supporting private physicians in providing easily accessible, tailored care to patients, and promoting an operational model of best practices.

Healthcare for Patients,
Not Payors

Utilize our network to determine the best practices for marketing, business development, practice growth, administrative processes, and more, designed specifically for private physicians to increase practice value and success.

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Our medical-specific Marketing Management partner can provide you with a dedicated team for all your physical, digital, and foundational marketing needs.

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Our dedicated, medical-specific bookkeeping service is consistently lower cost and higher quality, and includes all core bookkeeping needs for your medical practice.

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Gain a deep analysis of your practice’s past, present, and future through a Business Wellness Exam: a study by a neutral third party to provide suggestions compared to industry best practices.

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Services Catered to the Success of Private Physicians

The ACPP works hard to serve its members by fostering beneficial collaborations and holding our vendors to the highest standards.

Our Mission

The ACPP wants to support established private physicians in their journey in providing concierge medicine and direct primary care to patients. We want to grow awareness of and encourage the private physician practice model to new physicians as well as seasoned physicians who may want to learn more about this style of practice. The ACPP promotes the collaboration of our member body, knowing that we are stronger together. Through our service network of vendor relationships, we can provide our members with paramount service lines to implement best practices into their workflows.

The ACPP is set on achieving our long-term goals: we want to become the formally-recognized physician society and database for concierge and direct primary care physicians, and we intend on developing board certification and fellowship programs in the fields of concierge medicine and direct primary care.

More Reasons to Become an ACPP Member



Take part in a cutting-edge community who chooses to practice the same way you do.



Contribute to the continuous growth of concierge medicine and direct primary care.



Learn best practices to increase patient care quality and streamline administrative tasks.

Gregory Koury, MD

Immediate Past President, ACPP

“We are an ever-expanding organization that strives to support private physicians in providing paramount care to their patients.”

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ACPP Gold Membership

Gold Membership

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Showcase your official ACPP certification and member badge in your office, website, and social media.

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Member Store

View all of the available, well-vetted vendor services and partnerships available to you as an ACPP member.

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Member Forum

Participate in case discussions and converse with fellow members through our HIPAA-compliant member forum.

Expanding Research on the Private Physician Practice Model

The ACPP intends to develop an objective research arm to further expand the now-limited research database to tangibly document the quality and benefits of direct practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a private physician?

A private physician is a concierge or direct primary care physician who practices with a model that puts the patient before payors. In using this practice model, private physicians coordinate directly with patients regarding their care. Generally, private physicians choose to cater to a smaller patient base in order to provide tailored, custom care to each individual patient to better meet their unique needs.

How do I become an ACPP member?

Simply click the “Join Now” button in the upper right corner and provide us with your contact information, and you will hear from an ACPP representative shortly to verify your information and begin your membership process.

What are the different levels of membership?

The ACPP offers three levels of membership:

Bronze Membership for the Credentialed Physician
Silver Membership for the Entrepreneurial Physician
Gold Membership for the Optimized Physician

Read more about the ACPP membership levels here.

What is the membership process?

There are three easy steps to complete your ACPP membership:

1. Sign your Membership Declaration: your designated ACPP representative will send you a digital Membership Declaration in which you will be able to select your desired level of membership and provide your signature of confirmation.

2. Provide your first Dues payment: after signing the Membership Declaration, you will be prompted to submit your Dues payment. You can conveniently provide this payment right within the Membership Declaration.

3. Submit your ACPP Membership Credentialing Application: after signing and submitting payment through the Membership Declaration, you will receive the ACPP Membership Credentialing Application. Complete this application to receive your official ACPP Certification.

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